Never be left with the proverbial short end of the price list “stick” again. With B2B you will have the most up-to-date numbers at your finger tips automatically. Send out instant purchase orders and receive confirmations without ever picking up the phone or touching a fax machine. Dozens of your vendors are ready to provide you with these advantages; so are we.

Comp-U-Floor is integrated with B2B for the floor covering industry. It digitally automates day-to-day inventory ordering tasks between your business and its suppliers – providing a reliable and robust system that will save money on processing costs, speed up delivery of orders and significantly reduce costly data entry errors.

With the Comp-U-Floor B2B module in place, you can now concentrate on selling your products instead of spending time manually ordering and processing inventory. Integration of the B2B module can save you money and time by connecting you directly to your product suppliers through the internet, and by integrating the following ordering data right into your Comp-U-Floor system:

Catalogs and Price Lists

Your supplier’s catalogs and price lists will be supplied electronically from your vendors, insuring up-to-date product offerings and prices are integrated into your Comp-U-Floor system. No need to wade through printed catalogs and price lists or wait for updates to arrive by mail.

Purchase Orders 

After creating a purchase order in your Comp-U-Floor system, you can send it electronically to your vendor and receive order acknowledgement instantly. No more time spent on phone calls, faxes, or mailed orders to replenish inventory

Ship Notices

When products are shipped your system will be alerted – allowing order information such as dye-lot, roll numbers and quantities to be automatically added to your system’s inventory database. You’ll always know the status of order shipments and streamline inventory counts

Vendor Invoice

After delivery, your suppliers can send order invoices electronically to your system Рallowing for quick and easy payment and reconciliation against the purchase order you issued

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