Comp-U-Net hosting services let you skip the hassles and expenses of purchasing a new server. With all the benefits of the Comp-U-Floor Multi-Location System plus the cost savings that a web based solution provides. Whether converting from an older system or opening a new operation, the Comp-U-Net service is an option you just can’t afford to ignore.

Beyond the obvious capital savings, there may be some hidden benefits to consider. Namely, in regards to ongoing maintenance, the server is closely monitored by our trained and dedicated staff. Nightly redundant backups keep your data safe even should the worst happen. Furthermore, the support process is much simplified by having your database close to hand.

Hosting is included with your support plan for $35 per user monthly. This represents a fraction of the costs to purchase and maintain a server. However when the time is right you may wish to acquire a server. When this happens we will gladly pack up your data and help you implement it in your new system completely free of charge. We require no more than a seven day notice for us to get everything ready.