Fully integrated with sales, purchases, financial and accounting modules it provides solid audit trails, reordering tools, wireless or local bar coding and managerial reports to manage your inventory.

Inventory On-Line Inquiry

At the heart of the inventory, it provides the ability to display all particulars for a given stocked product. Unique features are available for the ceramic, stone and floor covering industries.

Product searches

  • By style code
  • By color code
  • By dye-lot
  • By product name
  • By color name
  • By private label

Comp-U-Floor searches are programmed to find the desired item even if the searching argument is embedded within a word.

Multiple units of measure conversions

  • Within the USA measuring system (imperial system)
    • Square or linear feet and inches
    • Square yards
    • Cartons
    • Pallets
    • Rolls or roll cuts
    • Pounds
  • Within the metric system
    • Square or linear meters or centimeters
    • Kilos
  • Ability to alternate and instantly convert to the desire unit of measure

Inventory stock maintained at multiple locations:

  • Centralized or decentralized warehousing

Inventory Stock is controlled through the entire process:

  • On-Purchase Orders at the Factory or Vendor
  • On-Purchase Orders in-transit
  • On-hand
  • Allocated to sales orders:
    • Ability to drill-down and display pertinent details
      • Sales order number and date
      • Quantity allocated
      • Customer name
      • Expected delivery date
  • Available for sale
  • On back-order
  • On consignment
  • On hold

Inventory summary and detailed history options

  • Summary quantities
    • Monthly stock activity
    • Current stock status
  • Detailed history
    • Transactions are listed by date for each item:
      • Purchase orders
      • Sales
      • Adjustments
      • Transfers
      • Inventory stock after each transaction

Full integration with other modules

Comp-U-Floor’s inventory is fully integrated eliminating duplication of effort.

Point-of-sale and Sales Order Module

  • Inventory stock is instantly depleted with cash & carry sales
  • Inventory stock is managed through the sales-order process
    • Stock is allocated for new orders
    • Stock is removed from on hand
      • When orders are shipped, or optionally
      • When orders are invoiced
  • Purchasing
    • Stock on-order is tracked through the purchasing process:
      • On order with vendor or factory
      • On production
      • On overseas shipments
        • On the water
        • At customs
  • Imports
    • Containers are tracked along with their shipment costs
    • Monetary conversions are available for costing
    • Landed costs are calculated
  • Accounting
    • General ledger journals are instantly created
      • On purchases and receipts
      • On stock adjustments
      • On transfer
      • On sales

State of the art physical inventory

A must in the floor covering industry is the need for frequent physical inventory counts

  • By location
    • Entire warehouse
    • A single row or bin
      • By vendor
      • By product
      • Easy count sheets or cards may be issued to facilitate the process
      • Barcode physical inventory is also availabe

Automated Warehouse

Our wireless barcode system provides unique features for large ceramic tile and floor covering companies

Extensive Inventory Reporting

A more comprehensive Order Entry process includes full sales support for your showroom or back-office staff