Designed for flooring companies that install flooring products and provide floor covering replacement and installation services to commercial buildings and multi-family apartments on a repetitive basis.

Building, Office and Apartment Templates

The Comp-U-Floor software provides the capability to prepare and maintain ahead of time, ‘templates’ that include for each project all pertinent information as required to deliver and install a floor project without the need to measure again and with short notice:

Property Owner

  • For each property location:
    • Contacts
    • Buildings
    • Apartments or offices
    • Floor Plans
    • Floor Products Selected
    • Labor Required for Installing
  • Contract prices

Preparing a template allows your Company to calculate costs and profitability in advance and provide your client with professional quotes that list all material and labor options. Comp-U-Floor also stores floor plans and cut diagrams as required for your installers to quickly complete each job after receiving an order.

Floor Replacement Orders

Our specialized job order processing module allows instant retrieval of all pertinent information upon receipt of an order:

  • Searching a Property Company or Owner retrieves:
    • All Building or Apartment complexes on record
  • Selecting a Property provides:
    • All office or apartment models within the complex:
      • Plan models
      • Floor replacement options
      • Floor plan diagrams
  • The user can proceed to verify security, take and confirm an order

Comp-U-Floor modular design and extensive searching capabilities provide instant access to the database and it is ideally suited for volume operations that require multiple users processing sales orders at the same time.

Sales Order Integration and Job Processing

A job order and optional invoice is instantly produced at the end of the sales order taken process. No need to spend time searching for existing agreements, price schedules or floor plans. All information is readily available within the software:

  • Sold-to, Install Location and Bill-to
  • Installation requirements room by room
  • All labor instructions and floor plans
  • Pricing
  • Special instructions for installers to follow
  • Warehousing  jobs are scheduled and all steps monitored:
    • Cut tickets
    • Pick tickets
    • Installer tickets
  • Upon completion of each job:
    • Inventory is updated
    • Installer payment due is processed
    • Property owner accounts receivable is updated
    • Property history, accounting records and managerial reports are updated