Growth should be high on any business owner’s priority list. Steady growth is a key indicator of a successful company. But sometimes that growth comes in rapid bursts. With Comp-U-Floor’s multiple location capabilities you will be prepared to harness that burst of success to the next level. Need to open another store or two or twenty? Do it. Comp-U-Floor will keep all of your accounting, inventory, sales, and installations intuitively connected but separated where it counts.

Remote Access

Comp-U-Floor will allow you to easily open a remote showroom, check your sales numbers and much more. By giving mobile access to your outside salespeople and estimators you will see a much more seamless transition from lead to sales order. What’s more, customers buy more often when the salesperson is prepared and well equipped to make the buying process immediate and simple.

Multiple Stores & WarehousesMicrosoft_SQL_server_logo

Our SQL powered database backbone will allow you to view, and sell from all of your location’s inventories. Reporting can be centralized or separated as you prefer. Keeping your assets together as you grow is smooth and effortless with Comp-U-Floor.