Floor covering retailers and installers in the builders market have specific requirements to prepare quotes on new construction projects and process a sale to the end-buyer at a later date.

Builders Database

Maintain your own database of builder projects including the model homes at each project. Comp-U-Floor empowers your sales force to monitor all prospects and easily activate each project. Builder quotes can be easily prepared by room or by type of flooring material. Price each option separately following an organized hierarchy:

  • Standard Option
    • Model Home
      • For each room:
        • Material to be included
        • Manufacturers cost
        • Selling price to Builder
        • Selling Price to End-user
        • Builder’s allowance
  • Premium Option
    • Same as above

 Project Templates

At the heart of Comp-U-Floor’s builder’s module is the ability to create and maintain templates for each project and model home that include room description and size, material, labor, and prices. Material specified for each room can be easily selected within each option. Model Homes may be copied and replicated from one project to the next with the corresponding saving in data entry and verification. Floor plans and installation schedules can also be attached to each room.
Each project’s template may be priced based on Comp-U-Floor’s price classes for the Builder and a separate price developed for the End-user. A “Builder’s allowance” is calculated based on the Builder’s price.

End-User Process

Template data maintained within the system for each project may be easily retrieved at a later date during the selling process to the End-user. The selected options are included in a QUOTE that replicates data from the original project template without data-entry duplication:

  • Quotes & Sale Proposals may be easily prepared by the sales staff as described above. A professional looking document is printed by the system.
    • Quotes are stored and retrieved as needed through the sale process
    • Quotes may be converted into a sales order without the need for duplicate data entry

Sales Order Integration

Sales Orders provide the necessary options to process each one of the builder-installation jobs:

  • Purchase orders are issued by the computer for any materials not in stock
  • Inventory is allocated
  • Installers are scheduled
  • Work orders are printed
  • Invoices are produced

All of the operational, managerial, and accounting reports necessary to run your floor covering business are also available.