Whether your sales process lasts 3 minutes or 3 months Comp-U-Floor can make it seamless and efficient. Fully integrated with inventory, purchases, financial and accounting modules it is a process-driven system that not only records and audits but also provides support from order entry through shipping and invoicing.

Point of Sales

Ideal for show rooms and warehouses it provides quick processing of cash-and-carry sales including charges to sub-contractors and floor covering installers with open accounts. A sales invoice reflecting charges and payment is issued at the end of this process; an optional pick-ticket may also be printed directly at the warehouse to expedite the sales cycle.

All sub-systems are Instantly Updated

Inventory – Merchandise is depleted
Electronic cash register – Records method of payment and amount
Financial – Daily invoice and sales registers are updated
Managerial – Profitability reports and analysis reflect up-to-the-minute sales
Accounting – All journals are instantly prepared

Sales Order Processing

The “Order-entry” process includes full sales support for your showroom or back-office staff on sale transactions that require additional steps prior to invoicing such as: sale detail line on back-order that need a purchase order, partial shipments or installations. Sales orders may start as a Quote that is retrieved and converted into a sales order at a later date, or just as a Sales Order:

Quotes & Sale Proposals may be easily prepared by the sales staff. A professional looking document is printed by the system without the need for external software editing modules such as word or excel

  • Commercial jobs may be priced using gross margin or other profit factors
  • Ability to keep notes and track the project until a sale is made
  • Several printing formats available:
    • Detail pricing line by line
    • A single “lump-sum” price
    • Price in bundles
  • Quotes are stored and retrieved as needed through the sale process
  • Quotes may be converted into a sales order without the need for duplicate data entry

Sales Orders provide a wealth of options for the different floor covering “niche” markets that we support:

  • Multiple ship-to locations
  • Bill-to separate from Sold-to
  • Multiple sale tax configurations
    • State and County sale taxes
    • US taxes
    • Canadian GST including Provincial taxes
    • United Kingdom value added taxes
  • Multiple sales detail lines:
    • Stocked and non-stocked sales detail lines
    • Comment lines
    • Back-order lines
  • Ability to record partial payments:
    • Interface to an automated credit and debit card or check authorization
  • External documents may be attached and referenced:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Graphics files such as .jpeg, .png, and .gif
  • Notes may be kept through the sales order cycle, Sales detail “status” lines reflect and identify the sales cycle:
    • Sales ticket printed
    • Measurements and order confirmed
    • Pick ticket printed
    • Installer assigned along with installation date
    • Purchase order prepared or received
    • Sales detail line shipped, installed, and invoiced