Our Purchase Order system completes the business cycle by allowing you to identify and create your purchases, verify prices, get the most from your vendors and expedite delinquent deliveries. When used with our B2B module Purchase Orders may be placed on-line directly with your vendors. Full integration with Sales, Inventory and Accounting prevents duplication of effort and alerts the sales person about the status of material on back-order.

Purchase Order Functionality

A quick turn-around is essential if you are not stocking all the items you sell. Your vendors will respect and better service your company if the purchase order functions are in place and correctly administered. Using their codes to identify their products will be effortless to you and very valuable to them and will help them serve you better. How many times have you made purchase decisions without having the correct information at your fingertips? How many times have you wished to know how much to order? What was the last price paid? How much business have you given this vendor this year? How accurate are the vendor invoices? When will the product be delivered?

When used in conjunction with the Sales Order Processing and Inventory System, all purchase orders are entered into the inventory directly as they are received at the warehouse without double posting. Purchase Orders linked to a Sales Order update the quantity on back-order and alert the Sales Person and Warehouse Management for the next step to take: Schedule the material for shipment or installation.

Point of Sale Integration

Our fully integrated ‘Purchase Order/Sales Order’ functionality allows the automatic preparation of Vendor Purchase Orders with minimal manual intervention. Two options are available:

  • Companies that allow the Sales Person to create the Purchase Order:
    • Purchase Orders for material on back-order are automatically created as soon as the Sales Order is closed
  • Companies with Centralized Purchasing:
    • A Stock Requirements report includes in vendor sequence all back-orders that need to be purchased
    • The Purchase Order program is then used to process each Purchase Order
    • Business-to-Business ‘B2B’ tools are available to selectively send purchase orders to the vendors who offer the above functionality

Purchase Order Features

Our Purchase Order system includes extensive functionality exclusively designed to handle floor covering products for single or multiple locations:

  • Ability to order using different units of measure using the Metric or Imperial units of measurement with full conversion capabilities: Pieces, Square Feet, Linear Feet, Rolls, Square Meters, etc.
  • Name and Address geared to the USA as well as foreign countries
  • Automatic display of last price paid for an item
  • Printing of Purchase Order tickets using pre-printed forms or standard blank paper
  • Interface with the Inventory System allows automatic entry when merchandise arrives
  • Reports by Item and Vendor alert you as to what is due for delivery and the estimated delivery date
  • Extensive Audit Trails that include a purchase order register to monitor the purchasing function
  • Recording of acknowledgment numbers from mills and other suppliers
  • Recording of Sales Order for which purchase is intended (side marking). This feature allows automatic back order release upon receipt of merchandise
  • Purchase Orders are created automatically as each sales order is confirmed for measurements
  • Advanced shipment notification features (ASN) allows preparations of bar code tags and receiving while the merchandise is in transit
  • Barcode printing as material is received at the warehouse
  • General Ledger Interface creates accounting journals as merchandise is received