Identify the source of your business: Knowing what items are selling, who are your most profitable clients, and profit margin trends are essential tools to manage your company’s health.

Reports on sales by products, customers, sales associates and location

Product sales analysis, most commonly used by retailers and distributors, provides the continuous monitoring of point-of-sale data to uncover sales trends, investigate product demand and optimize merchandising strategies. Various levels of analysis, from summary reporting to statistical trending, are required by executives, store managers, product managers, marketing analysts, as well as external suppliers who provide materials or finished goods. Business intelligence makes sense of the growing volume of transactional data by identifying trends and opportunities that create competitive advantage for companies that know and understand their sales drivers.

Reporting Options

Comp-U-Floor’s on-line database maintains a comprehensive sales history of products, clients, locations and sale associates:

Purchase History Inquiry allows quick access on-line:

  • All purchases made by your clients for any time period
  • All products sold:
    • Quantity sold
    • Price paid
    • Invoicing records

Product Sales History on-line allows quick trend analysis:

  • Current inventory stock:
    • On-hand
    • Allocated to sales in process
    • On-hold
    • On back-order
    • On order
  • Summary of sales for the last 12 months:
    • Quantity shipped
    • Number of sales

Profitability Reports: Listing quantity sold, unit and total price, cost and gross margins

  • By Customer
  • By item
  • By Invoice
  • By Product class
  • For items on Consignment

Traditional Sales Analysis Reporting by Location, Division, Product and Sales Associate

Crystal Reports

An easy-to-use report generator that delivers informative business data in minutes. This rapidly deployable solution makes report writing a snap with user-friendly design for even the most inexperienced users. You can create elegant, persuasive and easy-to-read reports in five easy steps with its report wizard.

Key Features

Our Sales Analysis and Management reporting system identifies the source of your business. The reports tell you which salesmen are selling, who your best customers are, what items are hot, what items are not and more.

Sale commissions are calculated for each salesman based on several options:

  • By Gross Margin
  • Flat Percent or Price-Point user provided tables