Our many years of experience within the ceramic tile, stone, carpet, wood and related floor covering industries has given us the opportunity to become the best trained computer software providers for you unique line of business.

Retailers and Distributors

Comp-U-Floor’s multi-store point-of-sale perfectly suites the business needs of ceramic tile, stone, wood, laminates and carpet retailers and distributor. An efficient business cycle drives the software and becomes your best assistant:

Sales order is taken at the point-of-sale

  • Cash & carry sales are instantly delivered and invoiced
  • Sales Orders are moved added to the daily delivery schedule

Back-orders and special orders go through purchasing

  • Centralized or decentralized purchase function is available
  • B2B processing with selected vendors allows paperless operations
    • Purchasing
    • Shipment Notices
    • Vendor Invoices

Shipping and Cutting tickets are printed

  • Linked purchase orders allocate material when received
  • Shipping tickets are issued on-line or as scheduled

Invoicing takes place as material is shipped

All ancillary sub-systems are updated:

  • Inventory control
  • Cash controls and reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General ledger journals

Vendor invoices are reconciled and processed through Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable is updated with unpaid invoices

Daily cash reconciliation per location is available

  • Bank deposit is also available
  • Bank deposit reconciliation is updated

Financial Reports are instantly available

Sales Analysis and Managerial Reports are updated

Residential and Commercial Installers

Comp-U-Floor’s order entry allows labor lines, comments and notes to be added to the quote and then to the sales ticket. Our professionally looking quotes provide the foundation for the software to include all “labor” lines as well as installation guidelines and specifics.

  • CUFW retailing and distribution features are also available
  • Installations are scheduled through the installer’s calendar
  • Daily capacity is calculated and loaded
  • Installers are assigned to each job
  • Installer tickets are printed based on the installer payments
    • Escrow amounts, retained and deductions are allowed
  • Progress billing for commercial accounts is available
    • Retainage amount is calculated and not aged


Comp-U-Floor sales order, purchasing and inventory modules include unique features specifically designed for the stone fabricator:

  • Inventory of slabs
    • Length, width and thickness is stored
    • Slab square footage is calculated from external dimensions
    • Slabs may be sold by the bundle or by each
  • Fabrication tasks and instructions may be included within each sales order
  • Fabrication tasks may be assigned to technicians
  • Labor costs are integrated with each ticket
  • All retailing and distribution functions previously listed are also available

Multi-family Floor Covering Providers

A highly specialized module allows the Comp-U-Floor for Windows multi-family and apartment floor covering provider to inventory all buildings and apartments where floor replacement has been contracted and establish links to the real estate management companies or building owners:

  • Building templates are pre-stored
    • Link to real estate management company
    • Apartment complex identity
    • Apartment layout
    • Room layout
    • Material requirements
    • Labor requirements
  • As sales orders are received templates are retrieved
    • Work orders are instantly created
  • All Comp-U-Floor distribution, warehousing and installation functions are available

Builders Floor Covering Providers

Comp-U-Floor allows preparation of quotes for each new project and set the foundation for all future sales of homes within the project:

  • Builder quotes are prepared
    • View by room and project are available
    • Project templates are stored
      • By room
      • By material
      • By labor
  • As buyers purchase each property sales orders are easily created
    • Original template is retrieved
    • Upgrades are applied
    • Final sales orders are issued
  • Invoicing may take place for the end user or the builder