Manage warehouse operations efficiently from the floor with Comp-U-Floor’s wireless warehousing system. When this module is integrated into your Comp-U-Floor business system it combines wireless and barcode technology with our robust inventory, sales, purchasing and accounting solutions to deliver a powerful and flexible real-time warehouse management system.

Our wireless system will help your company boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfillment time and increase customer satisfaction. It will allow your personnel to effectively manage all warehouse operations with the use of the Symbol PPT8846 or similar Microsoft Pocket PC. Our wireless system can be purchased preloaded onto the PDA or separately.

Materials are bar-coded for easy tracking from the time a purchase order is received through warehousing and shipping.

You will be able to wirelessly

  • Assign BIN locations.
  • Track inventory movement.
  • Fulfill sales orders.
  • Receive purchase orders.
  • Take physical inventory.
  • Allocate rolls and cuts.

Specialized barcode labels

  • Tile pallets
  • Stone slabs
  • Carpet Rolls