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Enterprise Resource Planning Benefits

Your Flooring Software Partner – In Every Way

Every business owner understands that there is more to running a successful company than simply selling products and services. Tasks like inventory management, purchasing reconciliation, and installer scheduling are necessary evils of the day to day operation. These side functions are a time sink, and take focus away from the customer.

While Comp-U-Floor can’t eliminate the need for these necessary and valuable tasks, our flooring-specific ERP solution makes these processes as painless and productive as possible. In fact, with Comp-U-Floor, our clients have found that these steps that once seemed like burdens, now add great value to their organization.

  • 1. It was created specifically to meet the needs of flooring companies
  • 2. It covers everything from POS to general ledger
  • 3. Every enhancement has been made in response to customer needs and requests
  • 4. Your installers will no longer waste time trying to find the next house
  • 5. It’s cloud-based, enabling you to access it from anywhere, on any device
  • 6. Regularly updated based on input of 100s of flooring companies
  • 7. Notifications keep everyone in the know how
  • 8. It can create real-time audits with one click
  • 9. It’ll grow with your company
  • 10. It fully integrates with Google Calendar

  • 11. You can see everything, all at once, from any device

  • 12. Your team can attach any document – from floor plans to product quotes

  • 13. You can grant access to any subcontractor in less than a minute

  • 14. One-time set-up fee for additional users

  • 15. Used by some of the strongest flooring companies in the nation

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