Installation Management

Comp-U-Floor’s unique field service management software streamlines ‘labor’ tasks in one digital place! Here you can schedule the job, provide optimal installation service and get paid.

Included in the Application:

  • On-line Dashboards to manage the workforce schedules with instant mobile connectivity
  • Installers availability along with their cost-rates and proximity to each job optimizes the scheduling process
  • Our Installation Management Software and Google® connectivity helps determine the quickest route to each job location
  • Our iPhone or Android Mobile App alerts installers in advance about their daily schedule and provides seamless connectivity through the entire Labor Management process:

    • Job site details
    • Scheduled Labor tasks
    • Two-way connectivity
    • Document management

Comp-U-Floor Shop at Home – Mobile Showroom

Bring the entire showroom to your customer using the latest anywhere-anytime mobile app technology and streamline your selling cycle:

  • Comp-U-Floor streamlined ‘measure-to-close’ process reduces data-entry for a satisfied customer experience:

    • Our Measure-Square API provides efficient job measuring and quote preparation
    • Inventory is instantly committed if available or directly queried and procured at the supplier’s location through our Business-to-Business technology
    • Comprehensive sale-contract documents may be e-mailed to the customer and an electronic signature obtained on the spot
    • Close the sale with our Mobile Payment API. It allows efficient and secure payment processing right at the customer location

Our Cloud integrated business management and accounting software simplifies your business with real time visibility.

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