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Answers about our Comp-U-Floor ERP Software

  • Is the software expandable with my business?

    Yes! No matter the size of your company, Comp U Floor ERP Software will scale with you as you grow your business.

  • How many products can I track?

    Our flooring software has no limit to the amount of products and/or inventory that it will track. Whether it’s in 1 warehouse, or multiple warehouses across the country, our ERP software will keep up with your business.
  • How many warehouse locations can I list?

    There is no limit to the amount of warehouse locations you can add into our flooring inventory management software.
  • Can I list sub-contractor installers?

    Yes. Whether they are sub-contractors or employees, our Comp-U-Floor ERP Installation Management Module makes scheduling and tracking your sub-contractors simple.
  • Does it integrate with Google Calendar?

  • Will the software generate an invoice?

    Yes. Create and track invoices from flooring bids on any desktop or mobile device.

  • Can the software be used at a customer’s home?

    Yes. Our flooring estimator app works seamlessly on your mobile devices.
  • Will it integrate with my construction accounting software?

    Yes. All of the necessary accounting modules: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger are provided by Comp-U-Floor. Fully integrated with sales, purchasing and inventory there will never be any need to create manual journal entries that could not be generated by the system.
  • Can I store images with each job?

    Yes. The Installer Mobile App allows you to review work order details including flooring diagrams, pictures, and more. Book a demo to see it in action
  • Will the flooring software work on my mobile phone?

    Our Installer Mobile App works on both Apple and Android devices but we recommend an iPad or Android Tablet for easy of reading.
  • Can I take payments in the field?

    Yes. Comp-U-Floor ‘One-Step Competitive Advantage’ allows your sales person to create a Floor Estimate, provide a Quote, and Close the Sale, including a Check or Credit Card Deposit Payment in one easy step; at the Client’s home, or showroom.
  • Can I generate monthly reports?

    Yes. Comp-U-Floor provides all of the necessary managerial, analytical and financial reports that are needed to run your floor covering business: from profitability reports to sales commissions and daily sales logs all areas of the business are addressed.
  • Do you offer training?

    Yes. We provide Technical Assistance, Implementation Support, and Training. We have online tutorials, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also call our support line at 800-766-0330
  • Can I track my inventory?

    Yes. Comp-U-Floor manages your Inventory through multiple Locations. Our Wireless Warehousing Barcode system expedites all warehouse activities including inventory management, physical inventory, sales order shipping, roll cutting, and purchase order receiving.
  • Can I add notes and documents to flooring bids?

    Yes. Take notes, add documents, and add pictures at the client’s home or the showroom to review later. Your Comp-U-Floor Software includes a full Document Management System.
  • Does it create Vendor Purchase Orders?

    Yes. Comp-U-Floor sales order processing will allocate inventory in stock and create Purchase Order requirements for stock not available. Purchase Orders are integrated with the Flooring B2B Technology, which provides Vendor connectivity and tracking through all subsequent delivery and receiving steps. Barcode Labels are printed as stock is received at the warehouse.