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Flooring Estimating Software:
Next-Gen Software for Flooring

Estimating Software With Features That Revolutionizes The Flooring Business

Comp-U-Floor’s integration with the M2 estimating software revolutionizes the way measurements are taken, providing users with an efficient and accurate solution for their needs. With its advanced M2 flooring estimate software and user-friendly interface, the Comp-U-Floor ERP Flooring Business Management System streamlines the measurement process, saving time and eliminating errors, and allowing a flooring job to efficiently move from Estimating & Quoting, to become a Sales Order; and then going through inventory-allocation, procurement, installation, payment, and invoicing – and ending with a Satisfied Client.

Take Flooring Measurements:

First and foremost, Comp-U-Floor’s M2 integration offers a comprehensive range of measurement tools that cater to different scenarios. Whether you’re measuring a room’s dimensions, determining the square footage of a building, or calculating the amount of flooring material needed, this estimating software has you covered. Its diverse toolset includes laser measurement integration, virtual room scanning, and intelligent floor plan creation, ensuring accurate floor covering every time.


Create the Estimates:

In addition to its integrated M2 measurement capabilities, the Comp-U-Floor Business Management software goes beyond by offering integrated features for creating quotes, processing the flooring job, and facilitating payment processes. This comprehensive suite of tools ensures a seamless experience for users, enabling them to generate accurate quotes and efficiently handle transactions.

With Comp-U-Floor, creating quotes becomes a breeze. The software allows users to input the measurements calculated, along with the desired materials and services, and automatically generates detailed quotes based on predefined pricing structures. By eliminating manual calculations and providing consistent pricing guidelines, Comp-U-Floor streamlines the quote creation process, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.


Receive Payments:

Our estimating software enables seamless integration with payment gateways and financial management systems. This functionality allows users to send invoices and receive payments directly through the software. By accepting various payment methods, such as credit cards or online transfers, Comp-U-Floor facilitates convenient and secure transactions, enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring efficient financial operations.

To further streamline the payment process, Comp-U-Floor can generate customizable payment reminders and notifications, helping users stay organized and maintain prompt communication with their clients. This feature minimizes delays and improves cash flow by ensuring that payments are made on time.


Define Materials According To Plans:

Using the measurements obtained, Comp-U-Floor leverages its extensive database of materials and products to determine the precise quantities required for a project. By factoring in waste percentages, pattern variations, and specific installation requirements, the estimating software accurately calculates the needed materials, including carpet, tiles, or any other relevant supplies.


Order Flooring Materials:

Once the materials are defined, Comp-U-Floor simplifies the ordering process. The software seamlessly integrates with suppliers and vendors, enabling users to generate purchase orders directly within the system. With a few clicks, users can send orders to their preferred suppliers, eliminating the need for manual communication or paperwork. This integration not only saves time but also helps users maintain accurate inventory records and track the status of their orders.


Schedule & Monitor Installations:

Comp-U-Floor’s scheduling feature allows users to create project timelines, assign tasks to team members or contractors, and set deadlines for each phase of the installation process. By visualizing the project schedule within the estimating software, users can effectively manage their resources, allocate manpower, and avoid scheduling conflicts. This feature enhances project coordination and streamlines the workflow, ensuring that installations are carried out smoothly and on time.

Moreover, the monitoring component of Comp-U-Floor provides real-time updates on the progress of flooring installations. Users can track the status of each task, receive notifications when milestones are achieved, and address any issues or delays promptly. This monitoring feature enhances transparency and accountability, allowing users to have a clear overview of the project’s progress and take necessary actions to keep it on track.


Process Partial or Full Invoices:

Once the flooring job is successfully completed, Comp-U-Floor makes it effortless to generate partial or full invoices. Utilizing the project details, measurements, material costs, and labor expenses, the Comp-U-Floor ERP software automatically generates a comprehensive invoice that reflects the accurate pricing and scope of work completed. This eliminates the need for manual calculations or separate invoicing tools, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Additionally, Comp-U-Floor offers customization options for invoices, allowing users to add their branding elements, payment terms, and any other relevant information. The invoices can be sent directly to clients or exported in various formats, facilitating seamless communication and ensuring a professional impression.

Flooring ERP Business Management System That Handles Everything You Need!

In conclusion, when you compare prices and overall functionality, Comp-U-Floor Business Management software offers a seamless and comprehensive solution for professionals in need of measurement tools, quote generation, payment processing, material management, scheduling and monitoring, and final invoicing. Its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and integrations streamline operations, save time, and enhance accuracy and efficiency. With Comp-U-Floor, professionals can elevate their workflow and provide exceptional service to their clients.


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