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We offer two ways for our clients to be supported through the cloud. One is to be hosted by us on our servers and the other is to be hosted by our database management Microsoft Azure.

Two options – two great price options depending on what you are looking for.

Cloud Hosted Software at AYA Associates, Inc.


Software, platforms, and infrastructure are no longer tied to your physical network or location, so a user can easily tap in anywhere, anytime with internet connection to our hosted servers.


Instead of spending on hardware, expanding capacity, and replacing outdated machines and software, use our Cloud services where all upgrades and hardware replacement are handled by us for an affordable monthly fee. Our technology support comes standard with every new web and mobile agreement.


We currently host companies in multiple countries with thousands of users. We have the capability to host multiple platforms including SaaS and ASP.


With a managed services platform, cloud computing is more reliable and consistent than an in-house IT infrastructure. Your organization can benefit from a massive pool of our redundant IT resources, as well as quick failover mechanisms.

Storing information in the cloud gives you nearly unlimited storage capacity – this is great for analytics, dashboard information and reports of year over year activities!

Azure Hosted Software

For clients looking for more global access – perhaps multiple state or region locations – we also offer Azure hosting from our servers. This provides added benefit and disaster recovery for those wanting the additional coverage. A nominal fee increase due to spin-up is incurred for such users and we also pass through costs associated building out your database software system to Azure.

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