A Complete & Versatile

Suite of ERP Software Products for the Floor Covering Industry.

Sales Order Processing

Includes the ability to issue “quotes” that may be converted into sales orders at a later date; extensive functionality allows processing of material on back-order, consignments, samples and holds. Convenient search-windows provide quick access to customers, products and inventory.

Finance and Accounting

All of the necessary accounting modules: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation and General Ledger are provided by Comp-U-Floor. Fully integrated with sales, purchasing and inventory there will never be any need to create manual journal entries that could not be generated by the system.

 Purchase Order Processing

Integrates in full with sales, inventory and accounting providing the capability to issue on-demand purchase orders linked to the original sales ticket. As material is received the entire organization is alerted through internal line-status messages. B2B technology allows PO’s to be sent electronically to most major vendors and distributors.

Installations Management

An integrated calendar assists in managing the daily installations workload; installers may be assigned to each job and their work tickets printed on demand. As jobs are installed the system processes sub-contractor payments and maintains a history of completed jobs.

Inventory Control

Fully integrated with sales, purchases, financial and accounting modules it provides solid audit trails, reordering tools, wireless technology, bar coding, functional displays, and managerial reports. Dye-lots and shades are available as required by the floor covering industry.

Sales Analysis and Reporting

Comp-U-Floor provides all of the necessary managerial, analytical and financial reports that are needed to run your floor covering business: from profitability reports to sales commissions and daily sales logs all areas of the business are addressed.

Warehouse Management

Daily operational reports alert operations on sales orders to be shipped and installations to be scheduled. A wireless bar code system expedites all warehouse activities including inventory management, physical inventory, sales order shipping, roll cutting, and purchase order receiving.

Multi-Location System

Our Multi-Company and Multi-Location allows for effortless scalability powered by Microsoft SQL Database Software. View, sell and ship from all of your locations. Reporting can be centralized, receiving/drop-ship warehouses may be defined and installation crews can be assigned to multiple locations.

Floor Estimator Add-On

When it comes to estimating, and take-offs there are a few criteria that must be met. Accuracy, Speed,Ease of Use. The Comp-U-Floor Estimator is built to maximize each area. Either as a stand-alone tool or tightly integrated with the main Comp-U-Floor business software the CUF Estimator is a powerhouse for efficiency and productivity.


Customizable for Your Business Needs

A true ERP System that covers every area of your business operations

Business to Business (B2B) Module

With the Comp-U-Floor B2B module in place, you can now concentrate on selling your products instead of spending time manually ordering and processing inventory. Integration of the B2B module can save you money and time by connecting you directly to your product suppliers through the internet, and by integrating the following ordering data right into your Comp-U-Floor system: Catalogs and Price Lists, Purchase Orders, Ship Notices and Vendor Invoices.

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CUF cloud logo

The Comp-U-Net Cloud

The same trusted Comp-U-floor software…“Now in the Cloud!”

Wireless Warehousing

Scan. Receive. Track. Ship.

Manage warehouse operations efficiently from the floor with Comp-U-Floor’s wireless warehousing system. When this module is integrated into your Comp-U-Floor business system it combines wireless and barcode technology with our robust inventory, sales, purchasing and accounting solutions to deliver a powerful and flexible real-time warehouse management system.

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CUF Estimator Video Tutorials

Get step-by-step instructions on how to use every aspect of the estimator software.

Technical Assistance

Comp-U-Floor comes backed and supported by a full team of trained and dedicated staff.  

Implementation Process

Our staff has done hundreds of implementations for clients of all shapes and sizes. They know where to focus and how keep the most out of your current operation.


Comp-U-Floor puts staff training fully in your control. Just tell us when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it.